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A "Dear Snus" Letter by Xobeloot

Written by Kevin Toole or Xobeloot, depending on the moon
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Xobeloot and his letter; Dear Snus:  Kevin Toole confesses his infidelity.Xobeloot's obsession: Phantom Blue<

Dear Snus,

I am writing you this letter to let you know that I have strayed. For a couple of years now, you have been my trusty companion. You have kept me away from cigarettes, and you have made me feel healthy again.

I can not lie to you any more, Snus... I have been cheating on you. As you are sitting at home, moist, flavorful, and waiting for me to dip my tool into your can; I have been sneaking around outside with a fag in my mouth.

Please don't be mad at me. I am trying to come back to you, but I feel like I am starting all over again. I went to the corner the other day to get my $5 fags to put in my mouth and suck, when the fag handed me a freebie. It was like you were trying to send me a sign.

My dear snus, I am sorry for my failure, but I am only human. It only took a few moments riding the humps of that camel to realize what I have been missing. Though she was quite sweet, her humps were drab and left me yearning for more.

And then there is you. Even after all of my indiscretions, you took me back immediately, lovingly, and made me feel safe. As I put my tool back in your can, you didn't even complain that I still had fag on my breath.

I can not promise you that I will be 100% faithful in the days to come, but I thank you for still being here for me when I need you.



Xobeloot; Master of Phantom Blue Snus !


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