For 2015, V2 Tobacco has released two different snus special editions:  Thunder I Snow You Love Me Extra Strong portion snus and Thunder Frosted Christmas Extra Strong portion snus.  I've been using both snuses today and here are my thoughts.....

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Wednesday, 30 September 2015 02:03

Thunder Snus News for October 2015!

New Thunder Snus products are coming and we have word on which of the five 2015 Limited Edition snuses survived the cut. 

Our SnusCIA agent in Denmark sat in on a recent marketing meeting at V2 Tobacco in Silkeborg, Denmark.  No one from V2 knew our agent was sitting in; the meeting was held in Marc Vogel's cathedral-sized office.  She just sat in the back and no one noticed her although V2 Uber Director Patrick Vogel kept looking in her direction for some reason. 

It was a little hard to hear sitting that far in the back, but she was able to glean the following information....

Back in January of 2012, Gotlandssnus AB made a major change to their business plan.  They expanded their Jakobssons Snus brand and changed the flavor profile to target the US market.

The new products featured unconventional (by Swedish standards) flavors and added sweeteners to appeal to Camel SNUS and other American-made  "snus" customers.  When it came to high nicotine melon flavored snus,  Jakobsson's had the monopoly.

That changed in July of 2014 when Thunder Melon Extra Strong portion snus was released as a stand-alone product available by the can or roll.  Formerly it was only available as part of a Thunder flavored snus Limited Edition.

Now it is time to compare Jakobssons Melon against Thunder Melon to determine who is the new Melon Snus King.

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Swedish Match Loses Claim to Round Snus Cans

The Stockholm District Court on Friday ruled against Swedish Match AB in their two year legal battle against V2 Tobacco A/S over the inocuous round snus can.  Swedish Match had previously registered the round loose snus can with recessed lid as a brand; claiming V2 had infringed on that trademark and could not use round snus cans for their product.

The Court's ruling invalidates Swedish Match brand no. 0405255, the mark consisting only of a round box without text and has no distinctive character.

The Court also ordered Swedish Match to pay V2 Tobacco 1.69MM SEK  (approximately $256,812.00) on each of two counts or a total of $513,624.00.

In 2011, Swedish Match had also gone after British American Tobacco (BAT) and Swedmax Tobacco Ltd, a very small company in Mariestad who sold do-it-yourself snus kits over the round can trademark issue.

Ironically, Swedish Match began introducing a new version of their portion snus can with hinged catch lids in 2013.  Both used snus catch lids and hinged catch lids were created by Gallaher Group; now JTI Tobacco.

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Monday, 17 October 2011 19:09

Snus News and Snus Lord Moe Unz is back!

As I always say after I am cut off at the local pub, "I shall return!" and I have.  This is me, Moe Unz, back in my rightful place as Snus eStore Manager of

As you certainly remember, back on 27 September the SnusCIA reported the sudden death of Chairman of the Board Grandma Unz, a revolt by the Board of Directors, and my wrongfully being fired.  Their report listed me as lying on a hospital floor in critical condition from alcohol poisoning and not expected to survive.

The SnusCIA may be very clever, but they did not understand the strength of my genetically superior liver.  I woke up about 14 hours later and left for the SnusCentral Snus Store.  After a quick stop for some beer, I arrived to discover Grandma's Will had been discovered and I now owned 49% of!

After beating the traitorous Board Members with my broom, we came to an agreement on going on into the future.

I would be reinstated as Manager of the SnusCentral Snus eStore but with one big change.  Since it was exposed I was helpless in using a calculator and had no accounting sense, I am not allowed to set the pricing anymore.  That doesn't mean I can't beat the CFO with my broom to keep the prices as low as possible while still staying in business.  I enjoy doing that and will keep fighting to deliver you lower prices than anyone else.

Annika and her Customer Service Team are still hard at work giving you the best customer service in the snus business.  I personally test a can of each snus as it arrives to make sure it is the freshest it can be.  That is a hard job but someone has to do it.

Grandma Unz is still dead and will probably remain so.  Her death is still considered suspicious by the Lidköping Police and continues under investigation.

The most important thing is that I, Moe Unz, am back running  I am sure you find this as exciting as I do.

Swedish Match Snus News

Our friends at Swedish Match have been very busy while I was gone.

Lab Series 06 Extra Strong Portion Snus, their first Ultra Strong snus having 20mg/gr of nicotine was released, then unreleased, and now is being re-released on 24 October.  We should have it back in stock very shortly afterwards.  Larry really liked the first version of 06 and is bothering me with emails about when I will ship him Lab Series 06.5.  Larry can be a pain in my buttocks sometimes.

He is also bothering me about the 7 November release of Kardus Carnival Blend 2011.  Thanks to Norway being allocated 200 of the 600 boxes of Kardus 2011 produced this year, is only being allocated 30 boxes.  I am meeting with Markus Ersmark of Swedish Match later this week.  My broom and I will attempt to convince him to increase our allocation.

This year's Kardus is reported to be amazingly wonderful.  If you do not wish to be left coughing on diesel fumes as the snus bus drives away, I would strongly recommend pre-ordering your Kardus Carnival from us as soon as possible.  Unless Markus has made special arrangements for me and Larry, we only have 28 boxes of Kardus which can be sold.  I did beat our CFO with my broom for the best possible price we could offer Kardus 2011 at.

Other Snus News and a party in Denmark

The Team from the SnusCentral Snus eStore plus Larry and his wife visited Denmark 7 weeks ago to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of V2 Tobacco, makers of the snus brands Thunder, Off Road, Phantom and some others you enjoy but are made for other companies.

The SnusCIA is forbidding me from discussing anything else which happened at the V2 5th Anniversary Celebration.  As the saying goes, what happens in Silkeborg stays in Silkeborg.

Congratulations to V2 and to me, Moe Unz.  Enjoy your snus!

Snus Legend and Manager
The Snus Shop at

Wednesday, 17 November 2010 11:30

Offroad Long Cut Snus Limited Edition Running Out

Offroad Long Cut Red Blend Snus is History

The SnusCIA learned two days ago that Offroad Long Cut Red Blend was almost out of stock. Today that has become a reality; everyone's favorite Snus eStore has taken the product page off-line.

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Thursday, 11 November 2010 11:51

Catch Christmas Snus - Sweden's first Julesnus

Lame attempt at a Santa beard.Merry Julesnus!  Tis the holiday season once again and visions of Julesnus, or Christmas snus, dance in snuser's heads.  This year, instead of just reviewing the Gotlandsnus Julesnus and Nordstrommen Julesnus offerings, I decided to look into the history of Julesnus.

Sweden has a long history of Christmas-themed cigars, cigarettes and pipe tobacco, so it would seem like a natural progression to extend that flavoring to snus.  Surely in the last 200 years, someone had produced a Christmas snus; a tradition which was born again in the early 21st century.  I was very surprised by what I discovered.

There is a legend surrounding Julesnus stemming from an incident in December 1836.  It seems that Hedvig Unz and JF Ljungolf were attending the same Christmas party.

As was his habit, Unz became extremely drunk and began wildly gesturing with his mug of GLÖGG, the classic Swedish warm Christmas drink.  His arm banged into that of Ljungolf and Unz's drink splashed into Ljungolf's open snuff box of Ettan snus.

Ljungolf was incensed and stormed out of the party.  He never said if he had tasted the GLÖGG-soaked Ettan but since he never produced a Christmas Snus, it's safe to say he was not impressed if he had.

Unz was later found passed out in a snow drift and had no memory of the incident the next day.  This is a common holiday occurrence within the snus-legendary Unz family to this day and also, as a bit of trivia, Per Andersson of JTI Sweden.

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Tuesday, 01 June 2010 08:30

Phantom Brown White Snus Discontinued

Phantom Brown White Portion Snus by V2 tobacco has been discontinued effective immediately, according to Patrick Vogel of V2.  There is some remaining stock but very little.  If by chance you enjoy Phantom Brown White Portion, you are advised to purchase it quickly. Phantom Brown White Portion bites the dust

For everyone else, no great loss or surprise.  V2 has delivered some outstanding snuses and continues to do so.  Brown White Portion just wasn't one of far.

Director UNZ
SnusCENTRAL Intelligence Agency



Wednesday, 19 May 2010 01:00

Snus News: Snus Prices on the Rise

BREAKING SNUS NEWS....................

The SnusCENTRAL Intelligence Agency office in Stockholm just wired critical information concerning yesterday's rumors of an increase in the wholesale price of Swedish Snus. The source of the rumors had proven unreliable in the past so the snusing public both in the United States and abroad was taking in the information with a health dose of skepticism. Unfortunately the old adage about a broken clock showing the correct time twice a day turned out to be true: Price increases are coming and soon.

Hysteria has also been growing as to the the future availability (or lack thereof) of skruf Snus in the United States after June 22nd. We now have an answer. Combine all this with The Tobacco Control Act kicking in on snus and smokeless tobacco June 22nd 2010, The PACT Act kicking in on July 1st banning US postal delivery of all tobacco products (except cigars...for now), severe restrictions on delivery of tobacco products in general, the addition of sales and often insane State tobacco taxes... this is not a happy day for Real Snus users and those who want to be across America.

All the manufacturers are being somewhat tight-lipped at this point. While the SnusCIA has officially never been involved in water-boarding or other non-conventional forms of interrogation, they have already smuggled a small quantity of Marlboro Snus into Sweden. Since force-feeding Swedes American pseudo-snus is not specifically addressed by the Geneva Convention (yet), we hope to have more complete information in the days ahead.

Published in Larry Waters Reports!

Snus Exclusive: This is the story of how and why the Thunder Original Test Series Snus or Thunder OT Series Snus was developed. V2 Tobacco; makers of Thunder Snus and 21st century Snus innovators, enlisted the help of in ensuring the program and components were user-friendly and effective for Americans. Because of this, SnusCENTRAL is in the unique position of explaining the back story of Thunder OT as no one else can.

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