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NEW SNUS: General G.3 Super Slim Strong Mint Portion Snus

Written by Larry Waters
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UPDATE 23 May 2016:  This is the first time the new Super Slim portion was used in a production environment and machine calibration was more challenging than anticipated.

General G.3 Super Slim Strong Mint Portion Snus is now finally available to purchase!

General G3 Super Slim Mint 2 viewsThe Super Slim pouch used with General G.3 Super Slim Strong Mint Portion Snus is the same width as the existing Slim Portion pouches but 2mm narrower.  This may seem like a small difference but it translates into a much more discreet format.

Since the G.3 brand is primarily for the Norwegian market, I can only assume there is a need for more discretion when using snus.  At the same time, mini portions don't supply enough flavor release and especially nicotine to be a viable alternative.

Each can contains 30 pouches; the most we've seen in modern snus.  

Swedish Match classifies this as a strong snus with a nicotine content of 10.6 mg/portion.  Before you start jumping in nicotine joy, be aware that each portion contains 0.55 grams of snus each.

This is the first snus I've seen with the nicotine expressed in mg/portion since the conversion over to percentage.  The mystical mathematics involved in converting mg/portion back to percent/gram have long been since forgotten; at least by me.

I would guess it is over 1% which would indeed rate the 3 dot nicotine rating on the can.  Swedish Match says that G.3 Super Slim is delivering the same effect as a regular strength portion of snus which would be a contradiction but the real world effect remains to be seen.  

The nicotine content also suggests this is not a repeat of the ill-fated The LaB 03, a snus touting the same effect as a strong portion through clever simulation while lacking the nicotine to make it a true strong snus experience.

General G.3 Slim vs Super Slim pouches

Since The LaB snuses were also designed with Norway in mind, the G.3 Super Slim should deliver what it promises; a very comforable and discreet snus experience with enough nicotine to satisfy your cravings.

At the time of writing, my samples of G.3 Super Slim Mint have not yet arrived.  Thus I can't identify the mint flavor as peppermint, spearmint, or some combination of mints.

My guess would be the flavor profile is similiar or identical to the successful G.3 Extra Strong Slim Mint.  Once my Snus Ambassador diplomatic pouch arrives from Sweden, we can see if I was right or if the flavor is more along the lines of General Large Mint portion snus.

Moe Unz at the Snus Shop will be offering General Super Slim Strong Mint portion for your snusing pleasure sometime next week.  Let us know what you think of it!

Until next time, enjoy your snus!


Swedish Snus Ambassador to the United States
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