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General Ekstra Sterk Snus: The First of the Super-High-Nicotine Snus's with more coming!

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General Sterk Portion SnusFirst there was high nicotine Swedish Snus, also known as Stark, Sterk, or Strong snus. Instead of 8 mg. of nicotine, the equivalent of one cigarette through oral absorption, The original high nicotine snuses had generally 11 mg. of nicotine, some a little more.

When Swedish Match first announced the introduction of General Sterk earlier this year, I was ecstatic! The General Flavor in a Strong Snus! I rushed to my computer to post the good news! Then I started hearing mixed reports on the taste and longevity of taste, especially for a White Portion. And it was named General Sterk, not Stark, meaning it was designed for the Norwegian Market. In my experience, that means a milder tobacco taste, regardless of the nicotine.

Sure enough, the original General Sterk was mild and had some other drawbacks I highlighted in my actual review.

General Sterk Extra at SnusCentral.orgNow Swedish Match is introducing the first of a new breed of Extra high nicotine/Sterk/Stark/Strong snuses withGeneral Ekstra Sterk. Will it break my heart again or be a new favorite?

Why General Ekstra ( that means Extra) Sterk? And why are all the new super high nicotine Swedish Snuses suddenly appearing or will appear by the end of 2008? WhenI uncovered that General Onyx was actually a Stark (11 mg. of nicotine), I asked my friends at Swedish Match why they didn't market the Onyx that way: I would have been a regular user!

They said that (at least it's their studies showed that) Snus users in Sweden were not particularly keen on Starks, so they marketed the Onyx as Generals top of the line white portion without highlighting the Stark aspect. They didn't hide it: it states 11 mg. if you know where to look. Well, I like Starks, so on my current rotation, General Onyx is one of my two Starks.

Apparently, I'm not alone.Focus groups of American Snus users discovered that Americans really like high-nicotine snus: the higher the better!We were tricked on taste by Big American Tobacco, but the nicotine sword is two-edged.

While originally Marlboro and now it seems Triumph snus intentionally lowered their nicotine levels to keep smokers using both of their products, Americans like nicotine and Sweden Snus manufacturers are delivering!. Thus theplethora of new Extra Strong snuses about to be released with more to come!

First comes General Ekstra Sterk, another product designed for the Norwegian market that shares my lust for nicotine with 15 mg. of nicotine! The SM sales literature describes the Ekstra (Extra) Sterk as strong tasting.....but so did the original Sterk.

I'm wondering of it's a Swedish to English translation issue where when they say "strong tasting", they are referring to the nicotine more than the tobacco taste.

But then again, I also made clear my feelings on the original Sterk's taste and longevity, both publicly and to friends at Swedish Match and others in Sweden. Is it possible the Ekstra Sterk is what I've been waiting for?

I simply can't resist the temptation. I'm not waiting for feedback: I'm buying! Please, Swedish Match, don't break my heart again!

In fact, it's time I did an updated review on Strong Snus in general and especially the Extra Strong Nicotine ones. I've ordered a large assortment of the new extrahigh-nicotine Stark snuses coming out as well as some 11mgStark or Sterk snus I haven't used in a while. General Onyx and skruf stark, my two current favorite Stark snuses with very different tastes, will be the benchmark.

Hopefully, by the time I receive them, taste test them, and write a new up to the minute review of extra high and high nicotine snus, you will be reading that review on, the most amazing snus website on the planet!, which is still under construction! In fact, it will always be under construction and being updated to remain YOUR Source...THE SOURCE; of EVERYTHING SNUS! (Can you tell I'm really excited!)

Your overwhelming interest (and mine) on the subject of Snus, especially Swedish, had swamped my blog and didn't allow me to do snus justice or give you the tools and functionality to really indulge our interest in snus properly.

Plus I've also almost completely ignored the entire American Presidential Election cycle, some great wireless phones like the Google Android that I was invited to preview before release, meet with the designers, did so....and never had time to write about.

I also have an obligation to the members of the Swedish Snus Enthusiasts Group.

They had their own little home on The Unloadingzone until was done and they have patiently been waiting to publicize The Swedish Snus Enthusiasts Group.We held off pending going live. This site.......we've just got to stop adding things or it will never get done! You're going to love it!

And hopefully I'm going to love the General Ekstra Sterk. I'll let you know. Members can either comment below or write your own Member Review and let everyone know how you feel how you feel about it. You'll know how I rate it very soon!


Larry Waters
The Snus Guru

October 31 2008


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