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Thunder XMAS Snus Review: two snuses; two different tastes

Written by Larry Waters
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For 2015, V2 Tobacco has released two different snus special editions:  Thunder I Snow You Love Me Extra Strong portion snus and Thunder Frosted Christmas Extra Strong portion snus.  I've been using both snuses today and here are my thoughts.....

Thunder I Snow You Love Me Extra Strong Gingerbread portion snus

Thunder Gingerbread Snus 2015The first Thunder XMAS Edition snus is called I Snow you Love Me.  I find that clever but in the interests of space, we're going to refer to as Thunder ES Gingerbread Snus.

As is traditional with V2 Tobacco, Thunder ES Gingerbread Snus comes in a mega-sized snus can holding 10 cans of gingerbread high nicotine snus goodness.

Upon opening the can, gingerbread is what you smell.  It's not overwhelming but there is no mistaking the aroma of gingerbread.

Like all Thunder snuses coming in an original portion, they are very moist.  The pouches are well made; the ends were sealed and there was no loose snus in the can.

Each of the 22 portions per can contains 0.9 grams of snus.  No surprises here.

After popping in a portion, the flavor came on quickly.  Gingerbread is the predominant flavor but is quickly followed by the tobacco and salt.

For those of you who enjoy sweet snuses, be advised that the gingerbread flavor is traditional and has no sweetness beyond that.  Much to my delight, the flavor developed gently and did not become overpowering or cloying.  The portion lasted over an hour as is the norm with Thunder Snus.

For those who enjoy high nicotine flavored snus with a holiday twist, Thunder I Snow You Love Me Gingerbread Extra Strong Snus is one you are going to like.

Thunder Frosted Christmas Extra Strong Portion Snus

Thunder Frosted Christmas Extra Strong Portion Snus 2015

This is the second year V2 Tobacco has released Thunder Frosted Christmas Extra Strong portion snus as a Special Edition.

Following the rule if it's not broke, don't fix it, the 2015 version is the same recipe V2 used with the original 2014 Thunder Frosted Christmas snus.

You will immediately recognize the Thunder Frosted spearmint and tobacco mix.  In the background you'll taste vanilla, cinnamon, and cardamom; I stress the word background.

The additional holiday flavorings don't overpower the traditional Thunder Frosted flavor profile but complements it.

The cinnamon hits the back of your tongue.  The vanilla and cardamom swirl smoothly in the background giving a unique twist to the spearmint, tobacco and salt flavor.

High nicotine mint snus lovers will enjoy this very enticing flavor combination.  Fans of Thunder Frosted will enjoy this snus as an interesting variation of a favorite recipe. 

Both Thunder I Snow You Love Me gingerbread snus and Thunder Christmas snus 2015 are great at invoking images of the holiday season.

The Christmas standard of snus, Julesnus, will be released soon under the Offroad name and by Gotlandssnus.  Julesnus adds the flavor of glögg (mulled wine) with a cardamom, gingerbread, and cinnamon combination. 

For those of you who have not tried glögg before, it is a traditional Swedish Chistmas drink and I strongly recommend it...unless you are the designated driver.  Glögg has a kick to it.

I am never the designated driver when I'm in Sweden for the holidays.....

Enjoy your Christmas snuses!


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