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Skruf Snus in 2015: Buyer Be Aware

Written by Larry Waters
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In April 2015, Skruf AB made a radical change to the snus they sold in Sweden.  The tobacco used in the six Swedish market Skruf products was changed to 100% organic tobacco from Brazil and the United States.  This is the new Skruf Ecological line.

At the same time, Skruf makes a lot more than six different snuses.  These snuses are for the Norwegian and International markets including eSnus Shops.  They are made from the same tobacco Skruf had been using prior to Ecological being released.

This is especially important for snusers buying from internet snus shops as some carry both lines.

If you are a Skruf snus fan living outside of Sweden and can't tell the difference between the Ecological and International version cans, you could be taken advantage of and/or disappointed.  This is not a consumer beware situation as much as a consumer be aware. 

Be aware of what Skruf snus you are buying and you will get what you're paying for.  Here's how......

 Skruf Ecological Snus - Look for the Leaf

Skruf has not made this easy for snus lovers who don't live and shop in Sweden.

Six Skruf snuses are available as Ecological products.  Unfortunately, most of those are also available in International versions.

The cans of the Ecological line are different in color, texture, and design from their international versions. 

Most importantly, each Skruf Ecological snus will have a raised image of a tobacco leaf either to the left or above the Skruf name on the top of the can.  It is not easily visible except on the Skruf Mynta but can be felt and seen by adjusting the angle you are viewing the can.

Skruf Ecological Snus 2015

As of this writing, the only Skruf snuses being offered with 100% organic tobacco are (from left to right):

Any Skruf snus in a white can is the International version.  Any Skruf Slim portion except for Mynta Ecological is an International version as is every Skruf Fresh snus.

To make this more confusing, with the exception of Mynta and regular strength Tranbar White portion, Skruf offers the other four Ecological snuses in International versions using the old tobacco!

Fortunately, all of these are in white cans while the Ecological versions will be in black cans....except for Skruf Stark Los.  Both versions of Skruf's strong loose snus are in black cans.  Side by side, you can see the difference in the cans but not always by looking at a product page on a web shop.

Still with me? 

Even if you order an Ecological product, make sure to look for the leaf when your order arrives!  It is not unknown for some unscrupulous web stores to substitute the International version for the more expensive Ecological version; either by mistake or by design.  Buyer Be Aware.

Snus Legend Moe Unz of the famous Snus Shop says they plan to carry only the Ecological versions of the six snuses and the International versions of the rest.  This is too confusing even for Moe.

Do the Skruf Ecological Snuses taste different? 

There is a big taste difference between the new Skruf Ecological snuses and their International version counterparts.  This can be both a good and a bad thing, depending on your taste.

For me, Skruf snus has been a big part of my snus rotation over the last 8 years.  Skruf was the kind of snus I could go without using but would suddenly get a craving for like no other snus.  It was the rose oil which dominated the Skruf flavor profile back then that had me hooked.

Over the last few years, the quality of the tobacco used and the cut-back on rose oil (which is expensive) turned especially the strong and extra strong Skruf's too bitter for my liking. 

Aside from an occasional can of Skruf Original Portion, the only Skruf remaining in my rotation for the past year has been the Skruf Tranbar.  I loved the natural cranberry taste and I would use 3 cans to 1 can of Goteborg's Rape' Lingon which is slightly more tart but a favorite.

When my order with the Ecological Skruf arrived, I made the mistake of opening the Tranbar first. 

The organic tobacco Skruf uses is a decided step up from what is used in the International versions.  It is much stronger and flavorful but in the case of Tranbar, that was a liability for me.  Where was the cranberry flavor?

It was still there but now as a background flavor as opposed to being the dominant flavor of the old Tranbar.  I was not happy.  It took an entire can of Ecological Skruf Tranbar to wipe out the memory of the old Tranbar and reset my taste buds.

I've gone through 3 cans of it now and will probably keep it in my rotation.  It's good but not at all similar to the old version which was a real treat. 

Of course, Tranbar was the one snus Skruf did not keep as an International version when they created the Ecological line.  There is the Slim Extra Strong Cranberry still available but I never really liked it:  too bitter for my taste.

As for the tobacco-centric Ecological Skrufs, The tobacco flavor is a needed step up.  I can taste the bergamot but if there is any rose oil in there, it is completely overshadowed by the tobacco flavor to the point I can't taste it.

I will use these because I like a good tobacco-centric, but I don't think I'll be craving any of these like I did back in 2007.

Another disappointment in all six Ecologicals is how quickly the flavor fades.  I find myself switching out portions after a half hour while the old Skruf's could keep my interest for an hour or more.

All in all, I have mixed feelings about the new Skruf line.  With the exception of Tranbar, they are better with the organic tobacco. 

If you never tried Skruf before, give the Ecological line a try including the Tranbar.  They are excellent quality snuses.

If you are a veteran Skruf user, be prepared for a much different taste experience...for better or for worse depending on your tastes.  Hopefully for better.

Best Regards/Bästa hälsningar/Med venlig hilsen,Swedish Snus Ambassador to the United States

Swedish Snus Ambassador to the United States
Reporting for

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