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Thunder Snus Limited Edition 2015 Announced

Written by Larry Waters
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 V2 Tobacco announced today that the Thunder Snus Limited Edition for 2015 will be released in June.  As with previous Thunder Snus Limited Editions, the 5 new Thunder Extra Strong snus flavors will come 2 cans each in the giant Limited edition snus can.....


Thunder Snus Limited Edition 2015

This year's flavors will be Thunder Nilla-Shock, Limo G'N'M, Gold, Prima Lima, and my personal favorite name, Thunder KickAss

V2 uses each Thunder Snus Limited Edition as a vast consumer taste-testing lab.  Based on consumer feedback, some of the flavors may become permanent members of the Thunder snus brand.

As a Texan, a jalapeno and chili flavored snus sounds like an overdue creation.  I am a little concerned as the flavor descriptor also includes spearmint; not an obvious choice to me considering the other two flavors. 

I haven't tasted Thunder KickAss yet but I'm sure V2 Tobacco was very happy with the recipe or they would not have released it.  This also assumes Marc Vogel was not too busy re-arranging the car collection in his massive office as opposed to designing Thunder KickAss.

Since Patrick Vogel has actually been to Texas and plans to visit again one day, he must have approved the Thunder KickAss flavor personally.  He knows the name will set the tone for his next way or the other.

Thunder-LE-2015-Big-Can-and-snusAs these snuses haven't been released yet, I also haven't tasted any of the other Thunder Limited Edition 2015 flavors.  I'm not going to speculate as to how these will taste but will give you the flavor descriptors released by V2:

Thunder Extra Strong PRIMA LIMA snus:  Lime

Thunder Extra Strong KICKASS snus:  Jalapenos, Chili, and Spearmint

Thunder Extra Strong NILLA SHOCK snus:  Vanilla

Thunder Extra Strong Gold snus:  Classic Tobacco

Thunder Extra Strong LIMO G'N'M:  Lemongrass and Mint

You may, in admiring the creative names V2 came up with for this year's Limited Edition snuses, have assumed as I did that the marketing meeting was held at a bar and everyone was quite drunk.

Tobacco Product Names and EU Government Stupidity

While this may be true, it is not the reason they could not name, for example, Thunder NILLA SHOCK simply Thunder VANILLA. 

No, this stems from more stupid EU governmental regulations.  Beginning in 2016, the actual flavor of the snus cannot be printed on the cans.  Since V2 sells their products in Sweden as well as the rest of the world, it is easier to change all the names instead of making a different label for Sweden.

Will all of the Swedish snus manufacturers have to follow suit by 2016 too?  I'm not sure.  During the latest EU TPD negotiations, the new label restrictions did apply to Sweden...then they didn't...then they did but Sweden said it was going to ignore the rule.

Knowing the timidity of the Swedish negotiators, I doubt Sweden will ignore the rule if they didn't get an exemption.  I would also be pleasantly surprised if Sweden actually got an exemption pushed through. 

Sweden needs to contract out their snus negotiations with the EU to American lawyers.  They would have gotten the EU Snus Ban lifted 20 years ago.  Swedes are very polite people but sometimes that can be a liability; like when negotiating anything with the EU.

Political correctness may have infected the US too, but when it comes to negotiating, we are ruthless.

V2 has begun the name changing with the 2015 Limited Edition snus release.  Do not be surprised when Thunder Wintergreen becomes "Thunder Winter G" in the near future.  It is not their fault.

Like you, I am eagerly awaiting the annual arrival of the Thunder Snus Limited Edition.  It will be available on or around 15 June from Moe Unz and the Snus Shop; always fresh snus delivered incredibly quickly.

As always, enjoy your snus!

Best Regards/Bästa hälsningar/Med venlig hilsen,Official Seal of the Swedish Snus Ambassador to the USA


Swedish Snus Ambassador to the United States
Reporting for

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