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Nick & Johnny Small Batch Licorice Slim White Portion Snus Released!

Written by Larry Waters
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This morning Swedish Match made official this month's latest new snus rumor:  Nick & Johnny Small Batch Snus.  The first of the Small Batch series, Nick & Johnny Small Batch Licorice Slim White Portion Snus, is being released today...

Small Batch Snus - the technology and the taste

Nick and Johnny Small Batch is made differently than other snuses.  Swedish Match uses what they call a steam blended can.  This is a new technology that is used to give the snus an enhanced taste experience. In combination with its own design expression as well as a new taste and new format, this product is distinguished from other more traditional snus brands.

Swedish Match has always been the innovator in snus technology, but lately seems to be stepping up the pace.

Most recently, they unveiled a new process creating what they called Strong Effect.  Unveiled in The LAB 03 Slim White portion snus almost 2 months ago, Strong Effect was said to give the sensation of a higher nicotine snus in a regular nicotine strength.  To me, LAB 03 was a solution in search of a problem.

SM's most significant advance in the last two years was NatuFibe; an addition to the tobacco which made General Tailored White portion one of the easiest snuses on the gums I ever used.  We will happily be seeing more NatuFibe snuses in the coming weeks.

Regarding this release, I have absolutely no idea what a steam blended can is or means beyond the English version of the Swedish Match description.  

I would guess less of a Small Batch snus would be made than a regular production Nick & Johnny snus but I don't really know that either. 

SM has been very secretive about this product and I didn't do any factory tours when I visited them in Sweden last fall.  I usually discover things when I "accidentally" get lost looking for the bathroom.

According to the flavor descriptor, this snus has a mellow tobacco taste with distinct notes of anise and salty licorice, along with hints of dried herbs.

Fortunately I am a huge fan of General Classic Licorice portion snus.  My taste buds have set a high bar for N&J Small Batch Licorice.  I look forward to being delighted. 

Most note-worthy at this point is that Nick & Johnny Small Blend Licorice white portion has a nicotine strength of 0.8% making this a regular strength snus.  This is the only current Nick & Johnny snus that is not a strong or higher nicotine product.

I don't know if this is unique to the Small Batch Licorice or if future Small Batch snuses will also be regular strength.  I'll let you know when I know.

Everyone at the Snus Shop is waiting for today's delivery to try it for themselves.  I'll be trying it as soon as my next Swedish Snus Ambassador diplomatic pouch arrives.

Small Batch Snus - the can

Nick & Johnny Small Batch Licorice Slim White Portion SnusWhat no one can deny is that the Nick & Johnny Small Batch can is very attractive or as I call it, bar worthy.

Bar Worthy means that if you went club looking to meet a new someone, this is a snus can you would proudly place on the bar as a conversation starter. 

The opposite of a bar worthy can would be one you would keep in your pocket, sneaking out portions as required.  For years and even today, there have been some very good snuses whose cans were not ready for prime time (to put it politely).

Small Batch Snus - the details

N&J Small Batch Licorice Slim White portion snus (the names just keep getting longer, don't they?) should be arriving today did arrive today.  You'll find it on right HERE.

As for me, I have more questions than answers about this new N&J Small Batch concept.  For example, I have no idea what the no. 5 on the can lid refers to. 

From past experience, it could mean this was the 5th recipe SM tried for this snus.  It could also mean absolutely nothing as fans of The LAB series snuses can attest to.

I'll be back as soon as these and other Small Batch questions I have are answered.  Until then,

Enjoy your weekend and your new snus!

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