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Mega-sized Swedish Snus Stores coming to the US?

Written by Larry Waters
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American snus users, close your eyes and visualize the Swedish snus selection (if any) at your local tobacco store or convenience store today.  Then imagine one day having a snus store like this at your local mall......

A snus lovers fantasy come to life!Imagine all your favorite snuses a short drive away.  Imagine walking the isles and picking out new snuses to try. 

Imagine getting lost in the isles and having to ask someone where the current snus on sale section is.

Imagine all this as the future of snus in America.....and then imagine it all fading away because you stopped at fantasy and didn't do anything to make this mega snus store a reality.

The Anti-All-Tobacco extremists paint all tobacco and nicotine products (except the nicotine products like patches and gum from Big Pharmaceutical) with the same broad brush.

To these fanatics, cigarettes, Swedish snus, e-cig and vapor products are all equally as deadly.  They truth doesn't matter; the facts don't matter to them.  This has been a long and difficult war.

Suddenly, we are positioned for a major win; one we simply can't afford to lose through inaction.

I've talked before about the General Snus Modified Risk Tobacco (MRTP) Swedish Match submitted to FDA for the 10 General Snus products already being sold over-the-counter in the US.

The great wall of Skruf SnusIf the MRTP application is approved by FDA, General Snus will no longer be required to carry any cancer warning labels...since General Snus doesn't cause cancer.

The current warning stating that nicotine is addictive will remain as it should.  Nicotine is highly addictive.  If you aren't hooked on nicotine yet, then stay away from all sources of nicotine including snus.

If the MRTP application is approved, the can labels will effectively state that while no tobacco product is without risk (what product is?), they are a hell of a lot less risky than cigarettes.

Smokers and vape users curious about the advantages of snus; the great nicotine delivery and the huge advantage that no one can tell when you are using snus; will no longer be staring at confusing labels saying their teeth will fall out, their gums will rot, and they will get cancer of some sort.

The snus curious will be more likely to try snus now as a reduced harm source of nicotine for those of us addicted to it.  The more who understand and begin using snus will create more and more demand for the products.  As they tell their friends, that demand will grow. 

When the demand is high enough, the Mega Snus stores will come.  The question is simply when; not if.

Svenskt-Snus-store-StockholmStep One:  Already handled by Swedish Match

It took over two years and 117,000 pages of facts and information to develop the General Snus MRTP application.  It was submitted to FDA in August and the clock is ticking; FDA much issue a response within one year from the submission date. 

FDA already went back to Swedish Match for more information which was quickly supplied.  The approval process is on track

Step Two:  The Public Comment period. Swedish Snus needs YOUR voice NOW!

By statute, FDA must allow a six month period for public comment, for and against, the General Snus MRTP application.  You can be sure those Anti-All-Tobacco extremists will be spamming FDA with form-letter "comments" against General Snus.

We MUST counter that with a huge pro-snus write-in effort; and quickly.  While the comment period is officially 6 months long, those comments received during the first 90 days get the most weight.  This 90 day period ends 25 November 2014; conveniently timed to the beginning of the holiday season perhaps when people are the busiest.

From now through October is the best and most convenient time for you to take a stand and make your Public Comment.

It doesn't have to be long.  It doesn't require research or a scientific background; Swedish Match has done the heavy lifting on that end.

All you have to do are these three simple things:

How to save snus and bring the Swedish Snus Mega-Stores to the US:

  1. Go to the General Snus MRTP Application Comment Page.
  2. Tell your Swedish snus story, how snus benefited you and your family.  It can be as long or as short as you are comfortable with. Then just follow the rest of the steps to submit your comments.
  3. Share this article with all the snus users you know and have them submit their Comments.

The key is to make your Comment.  The Mega-Snus Stores are years away.  If the General Snus application is denied because not enough people spoke up for snus, then we're talking decades....or not in our lifetimes.

Time to get off the bench and into the game.  It will take you less time than most spend on FaceBook during lunch but means everything to the future of snus in the USA.....

Best Regards/Bästa hälsningar/Med venlig hilsen,Official Seal of the Swedish Snus Ambassador to the United States


Swedish Snus Ambassador to the United States
Reporting From Sweden and the USA for


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  • Comment Link Larry Waters Friday, 03 October 2014 13:29 posted by Larry Waters

    Great work, Jim! All snus users NEED to do the same. If we can't show enough interest, FDA will be more inclined to deny the application....which sets back American snusers at least another 5 years.

  • Comment Link Larry Waters Friday, 03 October 2014 13:26 posted by Larry Waters

    Thomas, you would post as yourself by clicking the link in the article to the General Snus MRTP Comment Page.

    You are telling FDA why you are in favor of General Snus getting MRTP and why you like snus...did it stop you/friends from smoking? Just say what you feel about Swedish snus as a safe source of nicotine for those who are addicted and/or whatever it is about General snus you are in favor of.

    You don't need to cite studies or post graphs and charts. Just be yourself. You are an American expressing your personal views to a government agency...which is exactly what the Public Comment Period is for. :-)

  • Comment Link Thomas Andrich Friday, 03 October 2014 00:07 posted by Thomas Andrich

    Do we file on behalf of Swedish Match North America Inc, and to the Drug Amdministration?

  • Comment Link Jim Rotherberger Thursday, 02 October 2014 20:14 posted by Jim Rotherberger

    Submitted to the FDA and posting to my social networks. Hopefully all snus users will do the same.


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