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What does Captain Yankee Xtra Strong Americana Snus taste like?

Written by Larry Waters
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Finally, my Snus Review of Captain Yankee Xtra Strong Americana Snus

Captain Yankee; the extra strong Americana snus by Nick and Johnny, fights for the snus oppressed in Norway!I've been asked why I'm so obsessed with Captain Yankee; this is the third article I've written about it and the official release date isn't until next week.

In large part, my fascination has to do with the strong American-style branding designed for the Norwegian market and the somewhat unimaginable flavor profile.

When we published the second article; Captain Yankee Xtra Strong Americana Portion Snus: the new Nick and Johnny snus for Norway, the only flavor description we could squeeze out of Swedish Match was "a new extreme snus inspired by American flavors with a distinct taste of cherry, wintergreen and cinnamon."

Later, we uncovered another descriptor Swedish Match used for Captain Yankee:  Bringing the popular concepts of Rootbeer™ and Dr. Pepper™ to the world of snus

Based on these flavor descriptions, if anyone other than Swedish Match were the manufacturer I would have stopped right there and burned the graphics out of my mind.  Swedish Match has created some pretty amazing but unlikely snus flavors before so I moved forward on faith more than comprehension.

The SnusCIA received the official internal Captain Yankee scientific flavor/strength/mouth feel document.  I was eager to read it and finally understand the wonder that would be Nick and Johnny Captain Yankee Xtra Strong American Portion Snus!

Swedish Match Production Flavor Profile of Captain Yankee snus

....or not so much.  This looked strangely like the results of a Large Hadron Collider proton collision.  Are those quarks or flavors?  Snus physics are obviously not my strong suit.

Fortunately, contained in my Swedish Snus Ambassador Diplomatic Pouch last week were a number of pre-release snus samples including Captain Yankee!  I have been using Captain Yankee Xtra Strong Americana snus for about 5 days now.

I'll begin describing my experience from the easiest observation:  the can and the can graphics.

The pictures I've seen of Captain Yankee do not do justice to the physical can.  Captain Yankee Xtra Strong Americana Snus by Nick and Johnny is a very long name.  My compliments to the Swedish Match graphics department for managing to cram all that text into a clear and refreshingly attractive can graphic.

The words 'Captain Yankee', 'Americana' and 'Nick and Johnny' are slightly raised as though painted onto the top can lid.  This gives the can a touch of antiquity not evidenced by the pictures.  The Captain Yankee can is a conversation starter and not a can you will hide in your pocket when in public places.  In short, this is a bar-worthy can.

Enough stalling; let's talk about how Captain Yankee snus tastes.

It has been a long time since I've given this advice especially to veteran snusers, but do not smell this snus!  The aroma is that of cherry cough syrup; sweet cherry cough syrup at that.

With a portion of General Yankee under my lip, the predominant flavor is cherry but the sweetness is toned down considerably by, to my tastebuds, a hint of cinnamon and the tobacco.  For frame of reference, Captain Yankee is not as sweet as the Jakobsson's Strong Classic, Wintergreen, or Mint snuses but sweeter than the other fruit-centric snuses Swedish Match produces.

My initial reaction upon hearing both cherry and wintergreen were going to be flavors in the same snus was one of dread.   Captain Yankee reaffirmed my faith in Swedish Match's Snus Masters and their ability to create nuanced new flavors without being heavy-handed.

The wintergreen flavor is far in the background, helping to further mellow the flavor and add just a hint of a tingle.

The flavor remains constant throughout and is long-lasting.  It does develop with time in that the cinnamon will suddenly become more noticeable and then gently back away.  As a non-fan of anything cherry or wintergreen flavored, I was impressed that I could enjoy Captain Yankee at all.

Captain Yankee Xtra Strong Americana snus goes very well with Diet Coke and I would presume Dr. Pepper.  As far as alcoholic beverages are concerned, I'm an Irish whisky and rye whisky drinker primarily.  I won't drink either with a flavored snus and was not going to make an exception for Captain Yankee.

Most drinks where cherry would complement the flavor should work well.  Experiment for yourself and let me know what you recommend.

Captain Yankee Xtra Strong Americana will be a very occasional snus for me but it will be one I'll use.  Considering my dislike of everything cherry and/or wintergreen,  this is high praise indeed.

My clear favorite among the newer Nick and Johnny snuses is Green Spyke Xtra Strong Cactus snus.  When Green Spyke was first announced, I was intrigued as I also enjoy fine tequila, but had no idea I would become so addicted to Green Spyke until I tried it.

Keep that lesson in mind with Captain Yankee.  If you do like cherry, wintergreen, cinnamon, and high nicotine snus, Captain Yankee Americana is certainly one you should try.  It may very well hook you the same way Green Spyke did me.

Captain Yankee Xtra Strong Americana Portion Snus by Nick and Johnny is scheduled to go on sale during the first week of September 2013 at retail locations in Norway and world-wide (where legal) at fine internet stores like the Snus Shop.

But for the love of God, please do not smell this snus!


Swedish Snus Ambassador to the United States
Reporting for

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