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LEAKED: Nick and Johnny Captain Yankee Xtra Strong Americana portion snus!

Written by Larry Waters
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EXCLUSIVE: A SnusCIA agent stationed at Moscow Airport sent us hidden documents on the latest trademarks submitted by Swedish Match AB.

They reveal some interesting new logos and graphics for existing Swedish Match products but the most explosive news is that a new Nick and Johnny snus is pending: Meet Nick and Johnny Captain Yankee Xtra Strong Americana Portion Snus.

Nick and Johnny Captain Yankee Xtra Strong Americana Portion Snus

Nick and Johnny Captain Yankee Trademark Application

The Nick and Johnny Snus Brand was designed for the Norwegian market where it is the 4th top selling brand. Fortunately for nicotine-loving Americans, snusers in Norway really like strong and extra strong snuses; much more so than Swedes. I'd go as far as saying that without Norway, Swedish snus would still probably top out around 11mg/gram nicotine.

Thus Swedish Match is realizing an added bonus in that Nick and Johnny also has an enthusiastic following within the United States. This is the first Nick and Johnny snus specifically and openly targeting American snusers. The flavor profile will come as a bit of a shock compared to the rest of the N&J line.

Beyond that, I really can't say anything more about Captain Yankee snus.....until Week 32. I'll be back then to tell you everything you could possibly want to know about Captain Yankee Xtra Strong Americana portion snus by Nick and Johnny. You'll want to hear it; Captain Yankee is much more than just a new snus.


The Swedish Match Lab Series gets a make-over The Swedish Match Lab Series was also originally designed for the Norwegian snus market but found fans in the US as well.

It appears the Lab Series branding is getting a makeover later in 2013.

I'm speculating here but I doubt SMAB would market Lab Series and The Lab as two seperate brands symultaniously.

I'm sure Swedish Match wanted my input on the new branding but I was probably pool-side when they called.



More Swedish Match New Graphics and Logos

New for late 2013 is a new graphic scale of nicotine strength, which pays omag to Imperial Tobacco's Skruf snus strength indicators except the Swedish Match versions are longer, bolder, and more powerful looking. In your face, skruf AB!

How this new scale is read depends on what Swedish Match defines as the strength of the single bar.

If it indicates low nicotine as in < 8mg/gram, we would have Low; two bars indicating 8-9mg/gram Regular; three bars indicating 11-14mg Strong/Sterk, and four bars indicating 16 mg/gram and up as Extra Strong/Xtra Strong/Ekstra Stark

The Slim Fit icon looks like something you would see on a Lab Series can but not necessarily on a can of stylized "The Lab". Like the new Strength indicators, Slim Fit could also apply to a number of Swedish Match snuses including Long portions. Like you, I have no idea at present but it's fun to speculate.

Swedish Match nicotine and slim fit graphics Trademarks

Other new logo graphics 2013 trademarked by SMNA

The rest of the SMNA trademark application contains logo-types; some new and some already in use.

Not that anyone in the US would know this first hand because of the stupid FDA, but the current General Onyx Black Portion Snus catch lid displays the white shield with black "G" logo.

Enjoy your snus summer! If Captain Yankee is any indication, Swedish snus lovers are going to be in for a wild ride starting this fall.

Nick and Johnny Captain Yankee Xtra Strong Americana portion snus will of course be available at the famous Snus Shop starting on [REDACTED until Week 32]

WEEK 32 UPDATE:  Here is the Full Story on Captain Yankee...

Yours in REAL snus,

The SnusCENTRAL Intelligence Agency
Telling you stuff we know and others don't

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