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New Snus: Nick and Johnny Green Spyke Xtra Strong Cactus Portion Snus

Written by Larry Waters
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N&J Green Spyke Xtra Strong Snus: Is Cactus really a Swedish Snus flavor?

EXCLUSIVE:  A SnusCIA source in Sweden sent us this patent application Swedish Match recently filed. We were cautious at first; a cactus flavored snus? Who is the target market? Is this a hoax?

The Nick and Johnny snus brand is not sold over the counter within the United States. Cactuses or Cacti (either one is a correct plural) are certainly not native to Sweden. They are really only are native to the Americas, except for one variation that also grows in Africa and Sri Lanka.

Why would there be a craving for cactus snus within Sweden or Norway (or other European or Asian markets where snus is legal)?

Nick and Johnny Green Spyke patent application by Swedish MatchThe Bunker is located at a secret location somewhere in Texas, USA.

I have seen cactuses before. Since I was not dying of thirst, I had no desire to chew on one.

I don't remember, even in Arizona which has a lot of big cacti, grilled cactus or chicken-fried cactus on any restaurant menu.

For this reason, of all the snus flavors I long for but don't exist, cactus had never once entered my mind.

Apparently, Swedes do somehow have a liking for cactus. Way back in the opening years of the 21st century, Fiedler and Lundgren produced a cactus flavored snus.

I've talked to some old-time snus users who remember it but not that fondly. Cactus is no where to be found in the current F&L snus brand lines today but neither are some of my old favorite Mocca brand snuses.

F&L has always been quick to pull a snus which isn't instantly successful. Swedish Match wouldn't bother marketing Green Spyke unless they thought it would be a winner so I'm very, very interested in tasting it.

During Week 19 (April 6th) 2013, my favorite snus shop at will be putting Nick and Johnny Green Spyke Xtra Strong Cactus Snus up for sale. Green Spyke is for real.

Hopefully the SnusCIA will be able to "obtain" a few cans for me prior to the release and I'll tell you what I think.

Until then, we can all start thinking about what a cactus-flavored Nick and Johnny high nicotine snus would taste like. I may take a drive later today and find a cactus I can take a bite out of. If you hear screaming, that will mean I stabbed myself in the face with cactus thorns. Wish me luck!

Unitl then, enjoy the snus you have!The Great Seal of the Swedish Snus Ambassador to the United States

The SnusCENTRAL Intelligence Agency
Telling you stuff we know and others don't

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