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Thunder Snus goes White (portion)

Written by Larry Waters
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V2 Tobacco A/S released three new White Portion versions of Thunder Extra Strong snus today.

Combined with the recent release of Thunder White RAW Frosted Ultra Strong portion snus, that brings to four the number of white portion snus releases; the most at one time in the history of V2 Thunder White RAW Frosted Portion SnusTobacco.


Today's new releases include:

Thunder Frosted White Extra Strong Portion SnusThunder White Frosted Extra Strong Portion Snus


Buy Thunder Cool Mint White Portion snus at SnusCentral.comThunder White Cool Mint Extra Strong Portion Snus


Buy Thunder Wintergreen White Portion snus at SnusCentral.comThunder White Wintergreen Extra Strong Portion Snus



Both the Thunder White Cool Mint and the Thunder White Wintergreen are classified as Limited Editions. They may or may not become permanent members of the Thunder Snus family depending on snus consumer demand.

White portion snus does not go through the re-wetting process as does Original/Regular/Wet portion snus. This means that while internally moist, the white portion pouches are drier than conventional portions. This makes the portion color white; hence the name 'White Portion'.

White portion snus generally takes a little longer to start running and the flavor intensity is designed to be slightly less so. By releasing their flavor a little more slowly, white portion snus lasts longer with a consistent flavor in your mouth than found with most wet portion snuses.

White portion snus is more difficult to manufacturer than original portion snus, especially on a large scale. Swedish Match invented the white portion and their proprietary production process and offers a number of well-made white portion snuses.

The number and especially pouch quality of white portion snus made by most other snus manufacturers has been fewer as a rule and with mass produced quality less successful by varying degrees compared to the Swedish Match white portions.

When V2 Tobacco was planning their new state-of-the-art factory, quality white portion mass production was very much in their minds. Millions of USD were spent to achieve this goal. The result of this goal is four new quality white portion Thunder snus additions between September 23rd and today.

All three of the Thunder White Extra Strong Portions contain 16mg/gram of nicotine and have the same flavor profile as their regular portion predecessors. Thunder White RAW, an Ultra Strong nicotine snus, has a nicotine level of 21mg/gram.

The complete Thunder Snus collection; both regular and white portion, are available at my personal favorite snus store, the SnusCentral.com Snus eStore. (not a paid commercial endorsement. SnusCentral.com Manager and Snus Legend Moe Unz doesn't pay for anything, the cheap bastard. He even stuck me with the bar tab last time I visited Sweden).

There are basically 3 periods during the year when Swedish snus manufacturers make major product introductions. We are in the midst of one now culminating the end of October. Keep you eye out for more snus excitement!

Enjoy your Snus !Great Seal of the Swedish Snus Ambassador to the United States


Swedish Snus Ambassador to the United States
Reporting for SnusCENTRAL.org



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