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American Lung Association calls for Total Tobacco Ban in US Military

Written by Larry Waters
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ALA Social Engineering: All Tobacco is Enemy of Combat Readiness

ALA CEO Charles ConnorCharles D. Connor, President and CEO of the American Lung Association, testified before a Senate Sub-committee on Military Funding that "tobacco is an enemy of combat readiness".

Connor should know because, states the ALA press release, "as a retired Navy Captain he has seen first-hand the health risks posed to our service people by things like tobacco use and exposure to toxic pollutants in the field of battle."

Here we go again: pushing to ban ALL tobacco products by using the effects of just cigarettes (and battle field generated toxic pollutants) as justification.

Mr. Connor, do you know what's more dangerous than using tobacco products, especially smoke-free, in the military? Getting shot or blown up! I would hope you would remember that from your time in our military.

If you want to increase lung health among our service people, truthfully tell the Senate to devote their time and the pork barrel appropriations you hope to generate for the Swedish Snus doesn't kill; terrorists do. ALA to developing better body armor. Historically, bullets and bombs kill exponentially more of our service people than tobacco ever you well know.

Shame on you Mr. Connor for twisting the truth and using our devoted military personnel to forward your personal and professional agenda. And please stop using our brave military in which you once served as a vehicle for enforced social experimentation.

Swedish Snus doesn't kill the honorable men and women who service in the US Military: America's Enemies do.

Tired of the hypocrisy,

Veteran, Former Smoker; Current Swedish Snus User
Reporting for

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