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Discontinued: Thunder Coola Loose Snus and Offroad Coffee Supreme

Written by Larry Waters
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V2 Tobacco Delisting Offroad Coffee Supreme and Thunder Coola Loose Snus

20 Jun 2012 - Thanks to an electronic listening device planted in Patrick Vogel's office, has learned that two of V2 Tobacco's snus offering are being delisted.  Production of Offroad Coffee Supreme portion snus and Thunder Coola loose snus has been ended.  Once retailer and V2 warehouse stock is depleted, these two snuses will fade into V2 snus history.

RIP Thunder Coola loose snusThunder Coola Extra Strong Portion Snus remains in production and available.  Disappointing sales figures for the loose version is cited as the reason for it being discontinued.

Likewise, Offroad Coffee Supreme Portion Snus has not sold to expectations.  This effectively means no legitimate Scandinavian snus manufacturers are producing a coffee-centric snus as of today.

Will the Coffee Supreme snus story ever be told?A great deal of mystery has surrounded the Coffee Supreme snus since it was first envisioned.  The original test recipes were created as loose snus by the legendary snus designer known only as Heisenberg.  Less than 15 people world-wide ever had the chance to taste these and were very enthusiastic over the flavor.

When taste testing of the portion version Coffee Supreme snus began, the flavor was radically different than the original recipes.  Officially, the reason given that there was a math error in the flavoring-to-tobacco ratio in the original loose test versions.  Privately, it has been suggested that Marc Vogel lost the recipe and tried unsuccessfully to recreate it from memory.

I tried to ask Marc about this but he was, as usual, in his massive private office at V2 relaxing in his sauna.  Patrick Vogel was much too busy trying to do both his tasks and Marc's to be able to speak with me.  The location of the only existing copy of the original Heisenberg Coffee Supreme recipes is known only to Heisenberg.  Rumor is it will only become public upon his death.

If you are snus fans of either Thunder Coola Loose and/or Offroad Coffee Supreme, stock up your snus freezers now.  You won't get a second chance.

Yours in Snus,

The SnusCENTRAL Intelligence Agency
Telling you stuff we know and others don't

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