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Swedish Snus News & Snus Reviews - Elixyr Power Energy, Nick and Johnny,

Written by Larry Waters
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Snus Reviews by Mr. UNZ at SnusCentralHi Swedish Snus Fans!

I'm enjoying a Goteborgs Rape White portion as I write this. So far, it is maintaining its standing as my #1 favorite Swedish Snus. My second choice is still the General white portion, but I'm thinking of experimenting with something new with my next order.

Last order, I tried a can of the Elixyr Power Energy portion. I need that extra kick in the morning with my coffee I used to get from cigarettes and this looked like the most eye-opening snus I've ever seen. It contains strong portion snus which has a higher nicotine level, taurin and caffeine!

Combining this with my morning French Roast coffee, I admit I was a little concerned my heart would explode. I'm happy to report it didn't.

From a purely taste standpoint, I found it bland on the tobacco flavor, maybe because it only contains 22.6 grams of snus. On the other hand, since it is designed to be used while drinking coffee or energy drinks, the flavor of pretty much any snus will get lost in the beverage taste so I didn't hold that against it. Better that then any Offroad snus which overpowered my coffee with a terrible taste.

I didn't get a noticable "rush" from the Elixyr/Coffee combination as I read my morning newspaper, but I was VERY, VERY awake by the time I was through with the paper. So that's how I use it: one portion with my morning coffee. After that, I switch to either Goteborg's or General, depending on my mood.

There have been a lot of new Swedish Snus' advertised over the last few months, but with the dollar continuing to plummet against the Euro, I'm cutting back on my experimentation-by-the-can and taking advantage of the roll discount. And having tried some real.....sub-standard snus during my initial taste tests, I'm loath to by a roll of something I may hate.

But I am going to make an exception next order. During my original taste testing, the Nick and Johnny came very close to the General White as a top choice. I ultimately went with General White, because I liked the peppery aftertaste.

But Nick and Johnny have come out with two new kinds of Snus. They're called Nick and Johnny East and West. They both come apparently in White portion only which I prefer, so I'm good with that.

The new can seems to be the biggest selling point in the East and West advertising

The biggest difference in the description between the West portion and the traditional Nick and Johnny portion seems to be the can. They are both high nicotine snus's; the original boasting 40% more nicotine and the West portion just says high nicotine, but in bold letters.

The rest of the description centers on the can. They cost more than the traditional high-nicotine Nick and Johnny portion, probably because of that new rectangular can.

The Nick and Johnny East portion is more intriguing. It says it has normal nicotine level BUT with an exciting daring flavour with influences from east. What exactly does that mean?

According to Swedish Match, it means the East White portion has a full tobacco taste and an oriental influence with hints of cardamom and citrus. Again, intriguing.

The new cans look similar to the Camel SNUS and Marlboro so-called Snus cans so this may be just a way to differentiate Snus from chewing tobacco to Americans.

So what's the downside? According to Swedish Match, the manufacturers of both Nick and Johnny East and West, they only contain 20 grams of Snus compared to the traditional 24 grams.

Hmmmm. How is that going to affect the tobacco flavor? And more money for less Snus, but an "American Looking" can? So I can look like Camel or Marlboro so-called Snus user?

Unfortunately, Swedish Match does not make any other of the brands but General and Catchdry available to America retailers, and a call to my local tobacco store confirmed that Nick and Johnny is not available at local stores. If it was, I would buy a can of the East and give it a try. But a roll?

More ominously, a new snus has appeared in Sweden: Philip Morris 1847. It comes in a round can, but metal. Philip Morris owns the Marlboro brand. And the only information about the 1847 centered around the unique metal can......... Is Philip Morris trying to pawn off Marlboro snus onto an unsuspecting Europe? More research needed here. I'll get back to you when I know more.

My next order from the Snus Shop will be for a roll of Goteborgs Rape No. 2. I have 4 cans of free sample Camel SNUS and Marlboro Snus my wife keeps bringing home (she can't resist free samples). I wonder if The SnusCENTRAL Snus Store would take them in trade for a can or two of East White portion? I doubt it.

I'm still interested though, as I liked the original Nick and Johnny. I will have to buy a can of the Nick and Johnny East, just to try it.

As to the other roll (I buy two rolls at a time), I'm not sure yet. One thing I am sure of though; it won't be any flavor or portion type of OffRoad. I know others who like it, but Offroad is just NOT to MY taste at all.


Larry Waters
The Snus Guru

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May 16th, 2008


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