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Swedish Snus News & Snus Reviews - Skruf Cranberry Stark, Knox Portion, Kronan Portion, Metropol Licorice Snus, Goteborgs Rape' #2 Portion, Ettan, Onyx, and more...

Written by Larry Waters
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It's been almost 2 months since I wrote my first review of Swedish Snus. I've tasted A LOT of different snus's since then and am ready to present Part 2 of my Swedish Snus reviews.

First, the standard disclaimer: taste is subjective. If I speak poorly of a particular brand and you really want to try it, go ahead...it may turn out to be your favorite. Conversely, you might not like one of my favorites. This is just my opinion and my taste.
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Now to the taste tests! I found some real surprises, some pleasant, some not, this go-around. I also re-affirmed my conclusion on the Offroad brand portion snus: it's horrible.....unless you've been using Camel SNUS,Marlboro snus, Skoal snus, Klondike snus, or any other American version of snus for any significant length of time.

If you're upgrading to Swedish Snus, you may find some taste too strong (because the American snus's taste is watered down and too sweet). Some people use Offroad as a bridge to the premium Swedish Snus brands. Others use Mini Portion Snus instead of Regular Portion Snus. Since most American Snus seems to be intentionally low nicotine to keep you smoking cigarettes, be aware that Swedish Strong Snus and Extra Strong snus has 2 1/2 to four times the nicotine you are accustom to.

The Offroad loose snus is supposed to taste much better, but I can't say from experience...for a future review.

If you're going directly from cigarettes to Swedish Snus, try a can of Offroad if you like but you can handle (and will love) Swedish Snus. With well over 100 different varieties to choose from, a little experimentation (with the help of our Snus Reviews Section and our Snus Forum), you'll quickly discover "your taste preference".


In my last review, I stated that the Offroad Cranberry Stark was "tolerable". That was until I tried my first pouch of skruf Cranberry Portion. The skruf tasted like real mild cranberries while the Offroad tasted like bad cranberry candy with salt. I threw out the remaining Offroad Cranberry as well as all the other open Offroad cans I had. The only sealed can of Offroad I had left was the Strong Portion. I don't see it listed at anymore and after trying one portion, I can tell you why: it was horrible too.

Salt is a normal part of all snus mixes but Offroad's snus's taste as though packed with salt. They also have virtually no tobacco flavor at all: just salt, paper and bad flavoring. Let's just close the book on Offroad by saying I will never buy any of their products again.

Two pleasant surprises in the second tier snus's, though. Knox Portion was good! If you like an almost cigar-like tobacco taste without a lot of other spices, you'll enjoy this. I'll be including a can or two in future orders just to mix things up a little bit.

Bargain hunters might also like the Kronan Portion. It is a little saltier than I prefer but NOTHING like the Offroad. The Knox is the better buy, but if you like a little salt, try the Kronan's.

I compared my favorite flavored snus, Goteborgs Rape' White Portion with their Rape' #2 White Portion. Göteborgs Rapé No2 is described as having flavors from red berries and lingonberries (also known as Cowberry or Swedish Wild Cranberries). I (to my knowledge) have never had a lingonberry before so it's frustrating trying to describe the unique taste: kind of like describing the color "green" to a blind person.

It's a stronger fruit flavor, a little less sweet than the Rape' White Portion. I liked it and it's certainly worth you trying, but in the end, I'm sticking with the Rape' White Portion because I like a little sweetness. This is a close call though, and really dependent on your personal taste. You may want to try a can of each and compare for yourself.

I also received a can, as part of my "Bag O' Snus" of Metropol Licorice Portion. Licorice in general is not one of my favorite flavors so I wasn't sure what I would think of the Metropol. It's actually very pleasant, the licorice tastes real, not candy-like, and I also found it settled my stomach a little if I had indigestion. If you're a licorice fan, the Metropol would be a great one to try.

General Portion and especially White Portion still rank as my favorite non-flavored snus's. I must admit, though, that the can of their premier Onyx Portion I purchased as a birthday present to myself was something of a disappointment. Maybe because General hyped the Onyx as being so superior to their other snus's, I was expecting more.

The General Onyx comes in a special can with a silver top. When you open it, instead of just finding a pile of snus pouches as is normal, they were beautifully fanned out. The portion bag was black and had almost a velvety feel to it as you inserted it into your mouth.

Don't get me wrong: it was very good....similar to the Regular Portion only a bit more concentrated. It also took a little longer to get started than a regular portion pack. I enjoyed it but for the extra money, I don't know if I would buy it again. I may wait until summer, try another can, and see if my opinion changes.

Coming very close to the General's but not close enough to knock them out of my personal first place were the Ettan Portion and White Portion. They were both very good, but just a little too refined for my taste. I like the peppery aftertaste of the General snus's and the Ettan didn't have it.

Of the two Ettan's, I preferred the White Portion over the Regular Portion. Depending on your taste, you may actually prefer these over the General brand so I would give them a try. I'll buy a can of the Ettan White occasionally when I need to change up in the future.

On humorous aside: one of the cans I received in the SnusCENTRAL Buy Snus Store Bag O' Snus was a can of General Maxi Portion. As the name implies, the portions are larger than the regular/large and there are only 16 packets to a can. Being so big, they last a long time and do make a noticeable bump under your lip. I really enjoyed them once I got used to the size because they lasted so long. They're great for long car rides.

The challenge was, when the can was empty and I went back to the 1 gram regular portions, they seemed so small in my mouth! It took a couple of days to get used to the size again. Moral of the story, if you're going to go Maxi-sized, be prepared if you go back to Regular.

So after experimenting with I don't know how many cans of snus by now, my standard selections for the near future will be:

Rolls: General White Portion and Goteborg's Rape' White Portion

Cans: skruf stark, skruf Cranberry, General Regular Portion (I may try the maxi again)

Occasional Cans: Probe Whiskey and Knox Portion


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February 5th, 2008

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