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Offroad Long Cut Snus Limited Edition Running Out

Written by Larry Waters and the SnusCIA
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Offroad Long Cut Red Blend Snus is History

The SnusCIA learned two days ago that Offroad Long Cut Red Blend was almost out of stock. Today that has become a reality; everyone's favorite Snus eStore has taken the product page off-line.

Long Cut Red Blend Snus from OffroadIf it seems like it was just a few months ago that V2 Tobacco introduced the Offroad Long Cut Limited Edition Snus series, that's because it was. Each of the three Snuses comprising the Long Cut Limited Edition series were produced only once. Their releases were staggered with Long Cut Red Blend being the first issued.

V2 Tobacco is also running low on the other two snuses in the series; Long Cut Apple snus and Long Cut Orange snus. As with the Long Cut Red Blend, as each sells out, theyLong Cut Apple Snus from Offroad will be delisted. Offroad Long Cut American Wintergreen which was not part of the limited edition will remain available.

Long Cut Apple Snus from OffroadWill the Red Blend, Apple, and Orange Long Cut snuses return as part of the regular Offroad brand? It is possible, but based on the past, I wouldn't plan on seeing them for at least a year....... if ever.

Never fear, V2 Tobacco fans. There will be some interesting new releases in the Thunder Snus line by summer of 2011. One of these in particular has me very excited and I can't wait to tell you about it.

V2 Tobacco is the leading maker of Swedish style snus in Denmark. Their brands are some of the most recognized in the snus marketplace. V2 Tobacco was the brainchild and a continuing labor in love for Patrick and Marc Vogel.

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