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Snus Review: Catch GLOW Elder Lime mini portion snus

Written by Larry Waters
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With their eyes on the American market, we have seen a host of new flavors and styles from the Swedish/Scandinavian snus manufacturers over the past two years.

Unfortunately, what has been lost to some extent is uniqueness. There are now mint snuses of every conceivable variety from almost every snus maker.  Of late, Wintergreen has been all the manufacturing rage.  New traditionally flavored snuses from unlikely names like Olde Viking and Elixyr are pushing into that very crowded category for what reason I am not sure. They are certainly not going to sell in Sweden and there are so many excellent options on the market already for the rest of the world, why bother?

With skruf's latest Xtra Stark snus, the upper limits of the free nicotine content envelope are being pressed and can't realistically go much higher. I like high nicotine snus and have my favorites among the mints and fruit flavored snuses as well. Wintergreen snus by anyone I have yet to been able to keep in my mouth for over a minute but that's just my taste. Maybe Real Snus users in America have been spoiled with the variety. Maybe my taste-buds have just become jaded. Maybe Swedish/Scandinavian snus manufacturers are just running out of new AND interesting flavor ideas.

........and then Swedish Match goes ahead and releases Catch GLOW Elder Lime Mini Portion Snus. Something different yet wonderful.

Catch Collection GLOW Elder Lime Mini Portion Snus for 2010

Catch GLOW Elder Lime - VERY Tasty!For those of you not familiar with the Catch Collection concept, each Catch Collection snus has a very limited life. Approximately three times a year, Swedish Match will announce a new Catch Collection flavor and the previous one will vanish, so far never to be seen again. All the Catch Collection snuses are mini portions. At this point in my snusing life, one mini portion quickly becomes lost in my mouth so I generally do two or three at a time. This on the rare occasions I use mini portions anymore. Most people do enjoy mini portions one at a time so don't feel obligated to stuff your lip on my account.

The previous Catch Collection snus was Catch MELLOW Rhubarb. I've never had rhubarb pie or anything else rhubarb before. In fact, I've always thought a rhubarb was something in the vegetable family so I wasn't jumping for joy when it came out. It was unique but I have no idea how close to rhubarb it actually tasted or even if that was a good thing or not.

Knowing I have little use for mini portions, Swedish Match shrewdly sent me some pre-release Catch GLOW Elder Lime snus to try. With the PACT Act kicking in just over a month from now, no Swedish snus goes to waste! I'm really glad they sent it because it is truly wonderful.

Catch Glow is a citrus flavored snus; lime of course but also a slight lemon mix rounded out by the elderberry. I'm required by Swedish law to mention the word 'bergamot' whenever I review a snus. Catch Glow does not taste of bergamot. A citrus Swedish snus without bergamot? It's true and what makes Catch Glow unique in my view.

This is a summer time snus: the name GLOW fits it perfectly. The tobacco flavor is mild which is not usually my preference but is perfect for this snus. There is no bitterness one might expect from a lime/citrus/elder combination while at the same time no overpowering American-style sweetness either. The salt is perfectly balanced. If you drink tequila or any alcoholic beverage containing tequila, Catch GLOW would be the absolutely perfect snus to accompany your drink.

If the above flavor profile sounds appealing, you must definitely try Catch GLOW. I am so impressed with this snus that I've done two things which I have never done before. First, I formally selected Catch GLOW Elder Lime for the coveted 2010 UNZ Award for the Best New Snus Flavor: Mini Portion. Yes, I know it's not even June yet, but I enjoy Catch Glow so much I doubt it will be upstaged this year. If I'm wrong...I still win as do we all!

The second milestone for me was that before I had even finished the first can, I called Moe UNZ at the SnusCentral Snus Store and ordered a roll. Remember, this is a mini portion snus and I rarely use mini portions; especially if I'm buying them. My complements to Swedish Match; you have a real winning flavor with Elder Lime! This is one Catch Collection flavor I'm hoping doesn't pass away in 4 months.

Enjoy your Snus!I'm the Swedish Snus Ambassador to the United States:  I have Diplomatic Immunity, FDA!


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