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Thunder Frosted Long + Portion Snus: First Look at a New Type of Snus

Written by Larry Waters
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Back in September of 2009 when I wrote First Review: 0102 Lab Series Snus, I predicted every snus manufacturer in Scandinavia would be lining up to buy and copy this revolutionary new longer and thinner version of Portion snus.  I was partially correct in that they all bought some....and pretty much stopped at that point.

Unlike other snus manufacturers, the Vogel brothers of V2 Tobacco actually decided to do something.  Last month, their intent to produce their own version of the long, thin portion pouch came to the attention of the SnusCIA.  At great personal risk, one of our Agents "borrowed" two of the prototype cans and delivered them to me last week at the SnusCENTRAL Bunker.

The new V2 pouches are now officially named Long +.  I couldn't have thought of a better name to describe them myself.  This below picture shows a Thunder Original portion at left, a Thunder Mini Portion at the right, and in the center is the new Long + Portion.

Thunder Frosted Long+

V2 Announces Thunder Frosted Long + Portion Snus

The Long + Portion holds 0.75mg of snus but like Swedish Match 02, has 12mg/pouch of nicotine.  There will be 24 portions in each can of Long +.  The mouth feel is excellent.  Because of it's design and the amount of snus in each portion, the Long + Portion seems to vanish in your mouth.  The pouch material is the same used in the other Thunder Brand snus portions and is among the most comfortable to the gums of all production high nicotine portion snuses available.

The first product to be released in the Long + version will be Thunder Frosted.  Shipping will begin the end of next week with a Week 10 release date projected.  Reviewing Thunder Frosted Long + is a little challenging since the cans I have contains the not even acknowledged acknowledged to exist Thunder Original Long +. The taste and the snus is the same as Thunder Original ES so I think it's a safe bet to say Thunder Frosted Long + will taste the same as Frosted ES.

Once it gets juiced up, the Long + Portions run similar to the ES version although the taste is slightly muted.  When I press my tongue on the Long +, I get a burst of flavor exactly like the ES verison delivers normally.  I believe the flavor intensity difference is due not as much to there being less snus in the pouch, but because the pouch molds itself so well to the gum, my lip is not pressing on it as much as it would with a larger portion.

Since the area where my gum meets the inside of my mouth has receded upward giving me the treasured built-in snus storage area on both sides of my mouth, my experience may not be typical of a newer snuser.  You will find the Long + portions closer in taste and flavor intensity to the ES pouches than the mini portion pouches.  When it comes to nicotine, you are also right in the middle with Thunder Mini at 8mg/pouch, Thunder Long + at 12mg/pouch, and Thunder ES (soon to be known as Thunder Xtreme) at 16mg/pouch.

Thunder Frosted Mini Portion fans will feel right at home with the very discreet Long + Portion.  Thunder Frosted ES devotees whose hands are shaking after chain-snusing too many ES Portions in a row (like me right now) will find Long + with its lower nicotine level easier to tolerate while still delivery a healthy nicotine punch.  As an aside, I have been alternating Thunder Frosted ES and General Ekstra Sterk for the last 18 hours with a few portions of Original Long + interspersed for good measure.  I think this is the first time since my ill-fated introduction to loose snus with a 7 click pris of Gotlandssnus Julessnus that I may be ODing on nicotine.

For those of you who are curious, symptoms include loud ringing in the ears, tunnel vision, loss of feeling in the legs, and difficulty concentrating.  I think it may be time to wrap this up and sleep off the nicotine.  Visit our SnusCentral Snus Store for Thunder Frosted Long + (at the best price, as usual) or visit our Thunder Snus section.  Now if we can only figure out how to classify Long + without having to make a new category.......

Dazed and Confused,The SnusCIA of

LARRY WATERS and the SnusCENTRAL Intelligence Agency
Telling you stuff we know and others don't!


Stupid FDA Mandated Tobacco Disclosure Statement


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