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New Look for 1847 Snus...and maybe more?

Written by Larry Waters
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The new 1847 White Portion by Philip Morris...made by Swedish MatchSwedish Match released the first photographs of the new cans for Philip Morris 1847 today.  A huge change, they certainly have a 2009 look, but I admit the old cans were pretty cool also.  Especially when I finally discovered they had a used snus compartment on the bottom!

The big question is what else about 1847 will change?  As 1847 White Portion has been in my top 5 personal favorites for quite some time, I had a vested interest in learning if Swedish Match was going to change the recipe.  As soon as the Philip Morris International/Swedish Match AB Joint Venture was announced earlier this year, I was frantically trying to reach one of my friends at SMAB to find out the inside story on the 1847 recipe.  I was repeatedly reassured the recipe would not be changing.

When the SnusCIA notified me of the 4th quarter closing of the Rocker Factory where 1847 was made and production being moved to Swedish Match's Gothenburg and Kungälv factories (portion snus is made in Gothenburg; white portion in Kungä least it was in June) I posed the same question to pretty much everyone I met with at the Gothenburg factory.  Same answer:  no change.  I suggested an 1847 Strong Portion and White Portion.   They responded that the Joint Venture had no plans for that at the time.  They were muttering under their breath in Swedish.  I think it translates to "just what we need: another opinionated so-called snus expert telling us how to make  snus!"  I suppose I could have been mistaken though.  They may have just been deciding where we would go for lunch.

Philip Morris 1847 made by Swedish MatchWhen I saw the new can graphics today, something else occurred to me.  No disrespect intended towards Rocker, but Swedish Match has the absolute finest snus production facilities on planet Earth.  Their very proprietary GothiaTek standards and processes would be above Rocker's capabilities.  And finally, Swedish Match has the finest selection and quality control in terms of purchasing raw tobacco. I learned about that in detail during one of my secret briefings.   What Swedish Match refuses as substandard for GothiaTek is not is sold to other snus and cigar manufacturers around the world (I think most likely to American snus manufacturers).

Even if Swedish Match kept the original 1847 recipe, there would have to be a flavor change because of the tobacco and production methods.  I wonderI carefully examine raw tobacco in the Gothenburg Factory Grinding Room if PMI and SMAB decided to increase the snus per can from 21.6 grams to 24 grams if for no other reason than not having to retool the production line?  Will the White Portions be in the black pouches?  Will both versions have the snus arranged in the attractive star pattern?

When the new cans containing 1847 made by Swedish Match for PMI arrive, I will be one of the first ones to try them if I have to fly back to Sweden to accomplish that.  We're not just talking about new cans:  we're talking about PMI 1847 snus as made by SWM.  I'm saving a couple of cans of the current 1847 in the freezer so I can compare them.  One thing I do know as that as tasty as 1847 White is now , both the White and the Portion will be the PMI recipe taken to knew heights!

Far left is Andreas Riksén, probably the finest tobacco grinder in the world of snus!  Swedish Match is projecting a November release although I'm sure some of the Rocker-made 1847 will still be floating around.  It won't be at everyone's favorite snus store;  That I can assure you.   NOTE TO SWEDISH MATCH:  I still think 1847 Starks are a good idea (and I'm still opinionated).

Yours in Snus,

Swedish Snus Ambassador to the United States
Reporting From Sweden and the USA for

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