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OffRoad Limited Edition Snus - 5 New Flavors!

Written by Larry Waters
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Confidential sources who are cousins of friends who know people at V2 Tobacco have confirmed the upcoming release of Offroad Limited Edition Snus. Those of you who have been wondering whatever happened with all the new flavors V2 presented at focus panels and blind tests in the past will now have your answer.

offroad-limited-2009Offroad Limited Edition (LE) Snus will be a portion snus with 8mg/g of nicotine. Offroad LE will be available in the following flavors: Chocolate Raspberry, Sweet Clove, Mango Crème, Mandarin, and Moonshine. No word on whether these flavors will be offered as a loose snus either in the future or at all.  [UPDATE:  Offroad Limited Edition arrived early as predicted and IS AVAILABLE until it's gone!]

Offroad LE is expected to begin production in Week 41 (October 9th). Knowing V2, that means the Offroad LE regular portion snus could be on sale tomorrow. V2 likes to build in a cushion when it comes to release dates. One possible fly in this ointment could be the very welcome, but unexpectedly overwhelming popularity of V2's just released Fellinni Snus line. Fellinni sold out almost immediately upon release and despite more than doubling production, only Fellinni Mint white mini portion is available. The Liqorice and Eucalyptus flavors have yet to make it to internet shops.

Fear not; YOUR Snus Store will be carrying Offroad LE and the rest of the Fellinni flavors as soon as they are available. may even be the FIRST to carry these....if you hear on the news that V2 Tobacco's warehouse was broken into by what looked like a SnusCIA Strike Force, don't believe a word of it. Even if IS the first online snus store to offer Offroad LE, it will have nothing to do some warehouse break-in which hasn't even occurred yet and probably won't. Really.

As Swedish Snus Ambassador to the United States, I want to publiclly condemn any such action before it even occurs .....if it even occurs, which hopefully it won't. I just want to be clear for the record.

Med venlig hilsen, (which roughly translates to "We Didn't Do It"...OK, it doesn't really)

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