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Guest Snus Review - General Ekstra Sterk Portion Swedish Snus

Written by Paul Richter
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Introduction by Larry Waters:

Paul Richter wrote this review while a newbie to snus.  It is not only an excellent review of General Ekstra Sterk / Extra Strong Portion Snus, but shows beautifully how snus users tastes evolve.

Using Swedish Snus is not like smoking cigarettes - you don't stick to one brand or one flavor profile exclusively for life.  With well over a hundred different choices, why should you, anyway!  Swedish Snus isn't just the least harmful option for cigarette smokers.  It's one that tastes great and still delivers as much or as little nicotine as anyone would want! Using Swedish Snus is fun!  Now to Paul's review,

Snus Review of General Ekstra Stark Portion Snus


I have just started with Swedish snus and my first taste was General Ekstra Sterk. From what I've been reading here, this may have been an overly powerful brand to try as my first, but I've never been known to go into anything halfway. In fact, I'm not even sure I know the definition of the word "moderation".

The first smell just about knocked me over. The strong smell of tobacco coupled with a powerful ammonia odor made me think I had bitten off more than I could snus. But, being the adventurous sort, I grabbed a portion and popped it in.

The taste was overwhelming! Tobacco and salt. Lots of salt. It wasn't what I was expecting, especially since my first taste of any snus was Camel SNUS, which is sickeningly sweet by comparison. The taste was unexpected, but not repulsive. I was just getting accustomed to the new taste when the tingle began. Slow at first, then picking up rapidly. What was this? Could this be the nefarious vitamin N making an appearance? The wave of light-headedness confirmed my suspicions, and I promptly settled into my comfy reclining chair.

The steady drip of nicotine lasted for just over an hour, or so it seemed. I decided to forgo my usual monster mug of coffee (my cigar drink of choice) for a glass of water. This was a good choice, as it wet the whistle while not masking any of the flavor of the snus. After about 90 minutes, I was done with the snus.

I've been snusing with General Ekstra Sterk all week and last night noticed a funny thing. The taste of the snus had transformed from tobacco and salt.... to lemons! And I'm not talking about Country Time Lemonade. I mean real lemons. It was almost as if my brain just put it together.

At this moment, I have just popped in the last portion from my can of General Ekstra Sterk. So impressed am I with the flavor and amount of enjoyment I have gotten from these little pouches that I have placed an order for 16 cans of snus. Of different varieties, of course.

My next snus experiment will be with Thunder Extra Stark Frosted. Can't wait!

This is going to be fun!Paul does not accept any money from Big Tobacco so shut up!

Paul Richter

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