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How can the American Public be educated about Snus when the American Press is so Lazy?

Written by Larry Waters
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The biggest problem facing snus in general but Swedish Snus in particular is education.  For all practical purposes, the American Public is clueless on snus.  Part of that is the industry's fault.  Using the words Snuff, Snus, Smokeless Tobacco, Smokefree Tobacco, American Smokeless Tobacco interchangeably in the same paragraph confuses even myself some times.

The American Press is not a big help but this article takes the cake!  It was brought to my attention by a SnusCENTRAL Member and I was stunned by the misinformation and laziness not only of the reporter, but the proof-readers and editors as well.  Here are some of the more astonishing statements:

"This follows its recent introduction of Snus (rhymes with goose and should be banned solely for its name), a neat little tin filled with dissolvable tobacco packets to be placed under the tongue."

The above is beyond commenting on.  It is in no way anywhere near an accurate description of snus and not even worth correcting.

Or how about this one from the same article:

"In fact, smokeless tobacco contains 28 cancer-causing agents, fewer than the 60 or so carcinogens in cigarettes, but not exactly healthful."

Only 60 Carcinogens in Cigarettes?????????  Try 3000 to 4000 once you light it!  And what are these 28 cancer causing agents in smokeless tobacco...and what is smokeless tobacco:  Copenhagen and Skoal; Camel SNUS and Klondike Snus; or Swedish Snus???

All the above is from the of Minneapolis/St. Paul which is all the stranger as Minnesota has a very large Swedish immigrant population.  The article is entitled  Danger follows a camel on a small tin box.

Some of the comments are disturbing as well.  I was not aware that Swedish Match made a pasteurized nasal snuff.  Is Swedish Match aware of that?  I'm going to ask them in the  Talk to Swedish Match  section of Ask the Snus Makers! here on   The rest of the comments focused on pro and anti cigarette people bashing away at each other while legalizing drugs somehow became a sub-topic.

There is a way to attack this challenge but it has to be uniquely American to have a chance.  Fortunately for the United States, I know how to accomplish this.


Activist Snus Guru
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As Written by Larry Waters; aka Mr. UNZ



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