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Olde Ving Swedish Snus: It tastes much better than it sounds

Written by Mick Hellwig
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Olde-Ving-99-and-coffee-cup_graphicI love Odens Snus. Unfortunately GN Tobacco's other snus attempts have left me at best ambivalent, at worst, disgusted.

I was very hesitant to try Olde Ving. Part of this was because of the name. GNT used to call this snus brand Olde Viking; that is until the company which actually owned the Olde Viking brand name cried foul.

In a way, the brand name change was a good thing. Olde Viking was a particularly bad snus best known for its hockey puck sized cans.

I think they could have put a little more thought into the re-branding.... Olde Ving? Who or what is Ving?

For some odd reason I can't assimilate"Ving". My brain changes the letters and I find it vaguely dirty and possibly completely off putting. I really sort of, kinda wanted to try it, but was to scared to actually spend money buying some.

Lady Luck and some good alcohol stepped in a delivered 3 tins of Old Ving to my hand.

At the recent Snus Summit, Moe Unz, our intrepid, world traveling snus playboy and Manager of the SnusCentral Snus Shop, managed to find us in Chicago ( you would think we could hide in a city that size). He crashed the after dinner drinking business meeting. The Swedish Match bar tab cringed in fear; it knew Moe Unz all too well.

After a few dozen rounds of vodka and lime shots I convinced my wife and our waitress to distract Moe with their cleavage. While he was trying to focus I grabbed 3 tins of Olde Ving. 99, Fudge and Melon snus.

I don't know when Moe noticed them missing, but when he accusingly approached me with his broom the next afternoon I pulled an Oscar winning performance out of my hat and lied like a cat in a sunbeam. Sorry Moe. Vodka shots are on me next trip. (If you can find me) I am a bit worried since Moe has my address. I have told the whole family that if a wild eyed Viking with a broom shows up at my door asking for me.....I'm not home. Ever!

I must say I am impressed with the new Olde Ving series of snus. GN Tobacco is making great strides in their quality and taking risks on flavors.

As far as I know only one other company has made a melon snus. Coffee snus has been tried by many snus makers without commercial success. Fudge? Well, Ettan Snus by Swedish Match is said to have chocolate notes in the flavor, although I rarely notice it.

Olde Ving delivers three great new flavored Swedish snus products

Judging by the 3 cans of Olde Ving Portion snus I purloined in Chicago and the roll of Oden's Extreme Ultra Strong Snus in my fridge, GNT may be a small company but their quality and consistency is equal to any larger, more established snus company out there.

Olde Ving Swedish Snus by GN TobaccoYes, I realize this sounds a little like I'm kissing GNT's butt, I may be a little. BUT the snus is good. Very good. [Editor's Note: it sounds a LOT like you are kissing GNT's butt, Mick, but I like the 3 latest Olde Ving snuses a lot too.]

A few quick notes are all I can offer on the flavors. As you guys and gals know I'm not much of a reviewer. I don't pick up or describe well subtle flavors. I blame years of smoking and other "hobbies" for damaging my sense of taste and smell.

Olde Ving 99 is a coffee flavored snus, not a Irish Creme coffee flavor, just a good basic Maxwell House coffee. I love a strong tobacco-y snus in the mornings with my coffee. Something about mingling the tobacco and black coffee flavors appeals to me and gets my brain going in the right direction. 99 gives me a similar flavor at 3pm. Just a good basic snus.

Olde Ving Fudge is ,well, fudgy. Not really chocolate, more cocoa. Not sweet, actually bordering on bitter: think what we call bakers chocolate here in the States. I won't be using it as an all day snus, but a couple portions late in the evening, sitting out on the porch while digesting a good meal is where it fits in my rotation.

I know of one snuser that has been exclusive to one brand of snus for a couple years but who has developed an obsession for 99 and Fudge. So much that he is offering to trade away his old standby to stock up on them.

That is a testament to how good these really are. I won't call him out by name, but those of you who read's snus forum know who he is.(and if you don't read SnusCentral's forums, what do you do with your spare time? Sheesh! )

Olde Ving Melon is almost my dream snus. I have long wanted someone to make a watermelon snus. I layer salt on my watermelon and that flavor reminds me of hot August days of my youth. Sitting in the shade on my grandparents back deck, listening to the adults yak about life, politics, hunting, what got accomplished that day and what was on the to do list for tomorrow.

The taste of salty watermelon transports me back to those days, even if only for a few moments. Olde Ving Melon is not a watermelon flavor, but close.

Close enough to make me happy, although it's also close enough to make even more sure a good watermelon flavor can be done. Olde Ving Melon is more Cantaloupe, mixed with Honeydew and salt. and tobacco. Well actually I missed the Honeydew flavor. That Snus Guy tried the Olde Ving Melon and corrected my first impression, since I couldn't place the flavor.

Olde Ving is great snus. I still have a mental issue with the name but the snus has overcame any hesitation I have. The tins are good looking and attract questions in social situations, which is good for me since I love to talk about snus.

The only downside I see to Olde Ving is that my current snus budget is maxed out, even at's prices. That situation will be resolved in a couple months and Olde Ving is tops on my list of snus I will be buying. I may even put off buying a couple old favorites just to get some more.

Peace, Love, and Snus,


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