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Offroad Limited Edition 2009 Review and Wandering thoughts

Written by Mick Hellwig
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Mick Hellwig of Snus CentralI have tried hard to limit my ADD in these articles, but I just can't hold back anymore. I have a bunch of thoughts going on all at once and none of them add up to a whole article alone, so enjoy the ride alongOffroad Sweet Clove, Mandarin, Moonshine, Mango Creme, Chocolate Raspery snus with me.

First up Offroad Limited Edition 2009. I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the early testers of these. We were sent 9 flavors. 4 of them made the final cut. Chocolate Raspberry was not part of the testing. I have been impatiently annoying Patrick from V2 for information about when these would be released for months. I think he finally got tired of me bugging him and released them, just to shut me up. After receiving a envelope direct from V2, containing one can each of the new flavors and a few other snus that Patrick tossed in and spending a couple weeks with them all, I can pass judgement on the final product.

These are the best products to ever carry the Offroad name.The flavors are natural tasting, long lasting and accurate to their name.The tobacco used is balanced and adds a nice secondary flavor.  The portion material is soft on the gums and not irritating. This Offroad Limited Edition is proof that V2 is improving by leaps and bounds. It's hard to believe that these were made by the same company that made the Offroad Apple portion that I tried 18 months ago.

My only, minor, complaint with Offroad Limited Edition 2009 is that they are not snus that I can spend a whole day with. They are mostly a late evening dessert snus. With the exception of Moonshine. I had my doubts on that one, I HATE Probe Whiskey, one of only 2 snus I have ever thrown away, Offroad Moonshine is what I had hoped Probe would be. Moonshine mixed with a tart lemonade comes close to the flavor of a correctly done shot of tequila and salt: tart and smooth.  Just lovely.

Also in the above mentioned envelope was one can each of Thunder Frosted and Original Mini's and a Fellinni mini Mint. As most of you know I have little use for mini portions.  Too small, not enough nicotine or flavor to make my mouth happy. Thunder mini's won't change that, BUT ( there's always a but) I can see a use for these. Weddings, church, or other places requireing maximum discretion. 8mg of nicotine in a mini portion is perfect for those situations.

Another thought;   I had not tried Thunder Frosted snus until now. I dislike most ( read all) mint snus, so ignoring the rantings and ravings of Thunder Frosted fans I just said NO!. (Nancy Reagan got to me.) I made excuses, I can't afford it, I've got other snus to buy/test/stockpile. Patrick put an end to all that with his unknowing inclusion of that can of minis. After using most of the can of minis I ordered a couple of cans of full size portions. All I can say is I like them both. Not enough to buy a roll, but enough to keep a couple cans on hand. Lesson learned. Try every snus, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Fellinni mini Mint is pretty good too, don't take this as an endorsement,I don't like them. They are well made and have good flavor, just not my thing . If you like mint, mini portions and a hint of chocolate they may be for you.  Mrs.BigMick likes them. They are much better than General Mini Mint.  Better feel, not so dry. If you are a fan of mint or mini portions give them a shot.

Side road... it seems that many of us are having some bad stuff pop up in our lives. Health issues, economic woes and such. Just remember you are not alone in these things. As hard times hit remember that Nothing un-manly going on here!you have friends and make sure they know where they stand with you.  They are probably going through similar crap  .Don't let your friends wonder, they may just need a friend right now. So to follow my own advice... Rick, Larry;  I love you guys. ( In a manly sports oriented sort of way, not the sappy girly sort of way)

Well I guess the ADD didn't get to bad so I'll quit for now before it takes over and I start discussing politicians, idiots ( I repeat myself) taxes and snuff.

Mick Hellwig

I love snuscentral

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