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Tuesday, 26 May 2015 05:29

The Truth about XRANGE Snus by Swedish Match

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I’ve struggled with this article. I’ve been putting it off for weeks. Larry has been hounding me. Moe has been threatening me with all sorts of dire warnings. Still I’ve been fighting it. I know why. I just haven’t had the courage to write I feel.
The simple truth is there is nothing new about XR snus except the labels. Sorry kids but there is no way to sugarcoat that fact......

Tuesday, 07 April 2015 13:37

Nick & Johnny have upped their snus game.

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Nick & Johnny Small Batch Licorice Slim White portion snus is a fantastic new addition to the line. It's so good in fact, I am considering forgiving them for discontinuing Nick & Johnny Black...

Thursday, 21 August 2014 01:32

Natufibe by Swedish Match; Snus Boon or Snake Oil?

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When Swedish Match AB launched General Tailored White Portion Snus in April of 2013, the main talking point was something new added to the snus:  NATUFIBE®

It all started with one question. The answer to which led me deeper and deeper into a darkened, nuanced world in which translating Swedish to American and learning more about snus manufacturing kept leading to more questions. Here are the high points of what I’ve learned.
The main reason I embarked on this quest was to correct the record. Natufibe has been reported as part of the portion material. I wasn’t sure that was correct and it kept gnawing at me until I got off my butt, or more accurately got on my butt, in front of my computer, and started digging .....

UPDATE 8 Dec 14:  Swedish Match announced today that Göteborgs Rapé Hjortron White Portion Snus will be returning and Back to Stay in January, 2015!

Check the Goteborgs Rapé Product Page at the SnusCentral.com Snus Shop for GR' Hjortron between Week 2 and Week 4, 2015 to purchase.

Yes, I said Göteborgs Rapé, I will wait while you get over the giggles about doing bad things to a poor defenseless goat which are illegal in most states . All better now? Good.

[EDITOR’s NOTE: the Rapé in Goteborgs Rapé is pronounced “ra-PAY”….a variation of the French word râpé, meaning shredded. Leave it to the stupid French to make shredding tobacco sound so wrong. I’ve also heard it pronounced “RA-pee”. I use the latter since I hate everything tainted by France. Now back to Mick!]

As you all know, at least those of you that have read my ramblings before, I am a fan of many of Swedish Match snus. I have visited their factories, broke bread with them, count some of their current and former employees as friends (at least by the Facebook definition of friend).

General Variation Snus: Great Snus Expectations

When I first heard about General Variation last fall, I got excited. Schoolgirl new crush excited. Finally two new Swedish Match offerings that didn’t involve fruity overly done flavors or mint. Bring ‘em on.

General Variation Smoky Oak and Rustic Blend snusAfter what seemed an inordinately long wait I got a few cans of each in January.   After using both in my usual testing ordeal I figured now was a good time to share my thoughts. I also have procrastinated for a while knowing that Swedish Match might not like what I have to say.

Olde-Ving-99-and-coffee-cup_graphicI love Odens Snus. Unfortunately GN Tobacco's other snus attempts have left me at best ambivalent, at worst, disgusted.

I was very hesitant to try Olde Ving. Part of this was because of the name. GNT used to call this snus brand Olde Viking; that is until the company which actually owned the Olde Viking brand name cried foul.

In a way, the brand name change was a good thing. Olde Viking was a particularly bad snus best known for its hockey puck sized cans.

I think they could have put a little more thought into the re-branding.... Olde Ving? Who or what is Ving?

For some odd reason I can't assimilate"Ving". My brain changes the letters and I find it vaguely dirty and possibly completely off putting. I really sort of, kinda wanted to try it, but was to scared to actually spend money buying some.

Friday, 10 May 2013 01:00

What Would Yoda Snus?

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For those of you who don't know me that well, I am a big Star Wars fanatic.( I really like Star Trek also, but don't hold that against me.)

During the Big 2013 Snus Summit I had the pleasure of trying what I believe would be Yoda's snus. He is little, strong and green. Even his light saber is green. I doubt he is much of a health nut, living for many years on a swamp planet, eating whatever the swamp coughed up.

Friday, 30 November 2012 12:30

General Classic White Mint Portion Snus Review

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General Classic White Mint Snus

General Classic Mint White Portion SnusI know every other blogger in Snusland is covering this one as well, and even though my palate isn't as refined as others ( or at least I can’t express it as well) I thought I’d add my thoughts on General Classic White Mint Snus as well.....

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